Caipira Green Corn Cake Recipe

Caipira Green Corn Cake Recipe

Corn is one of the most common foods in the celebration of the Festa Juninas! Knowing this, we are bringing you a recipe that has green maize as the protagonist (it is called that when harvested without reaching full maturity). It is a very soft corn that provides delicious recipes!

The texture of this green corn cake is wonderful, you can feel the crushed corn grains, making the cake very rustic! Besides being beautiful, it is very tasty and if you want, you can bake the cake in the straw of the cob! We will teach you how!

Do you want to know how to prepare this beautiful and delicious cake at your house for the June festivities? So, follow now here at TudoReceitas the step-by-step with photos of this country green corn cake recipe!

Ingredients for making country green corn cake:

 3 ears of green corn (3 and 1/2 cups of tea)

 3 whole eggs

 1 cup of sugar (160 grams)

 100 milliliters of coconut milk or cow's milk

 100 milliliters of oil

 1 cup of cornmeal, floc or wheat flour

 1 tablespoon of baking powder

 corn cobs straw (optional)

How to make country green corn cake:

Separate the necessary ingredients to prepare this corn cake for the June party. Choose ears with yellow corn, with stewed grains to ensure the juiciness that will make a big difference in the recipe.

Tip: in the recipe we are using cornmeal, but you can substitute corn flake or even wheat flour.

If you want to use corn straws to line the shape of the cake and make it look like a rustic cake, remove them from the ears and cut off the excess only if they do not fit the shape.

Then wash the leaves and let them boil a little in a pan of water. This will make them soften, so it will be easier to adjust them in the way we are going to bake the cake. Leave them in the water while preparing the green corn cake batter.

Thresh the kernels of the ears of corn with the aid of a knife. Reserve. If you prefer, you can also use the grater.

In a blender, beat eggs, sugar, coconut milk, oil and threshed corn for a few minutes until the corn is processed.

Tip: if you prefer a cake with corn pomace in evidence, do not liquefy too much. Beat just to break the beans and let the liquid mix.

Pour the liquid into a bowl and sift the cornmeal or flour (if you prefer) over it. If you use corn flake, you don't have to sieve.

Tip: at this time preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Mix these green corn cake ingredients in the bowl and finally add the baking powder, stirring gently with a fouet until incorporated into the dough.

Remove the corn husks from the water, draining a lot. In a medium shape, greased and floured, accommodate the straws as shown in the photo.

Tip: do not leave any space (especially at the bottom) without lining, so that it is easy to unmold the cake after baking.

Pour the cake batter into the straw-lined pan. Take the cake to bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for approximately 40 minutes.

Tip: if you want to dispense the straw from the pan, just put the dough in the greased and floured pan and take it to the oven to bake.

Your natural green corn cake will be ready when it is lightly browned and passed the toothpick test.

Wait for it to cool to deform it. With the help of a spatula, carefully loosen the sides and center of the cake, until it is easy to remove it completely with the straw.

We hope you enjoyed this recipe inspired by the farm's traditional corn cake! Take the opportunity to enjoy it with your family at the June party and have a good appetite!

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